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There are plenty of fruit and vegetable suppliers out there. But which one offers you the convenience of one-stop shopping? Which supplier handles customs formalities and shipping, so you don’t have to? EFP!

One address for all your fruit and vegetables

Why work with multiple suppliers when you can buy the complete package from one address? EFP supplies a total package. Not only fruit and vegetables, but also citrus, exotics, cress, herbs, mushrooms and nuts. To achieve this, we work with the world’s best suppliers – both in our home country, the Netherlands, and as far away as South Africa and Argentina.

Our product range is not only wide but also deep: we’re familiar with all the varieties on the market and we’re constantly sourcing new qualities. What’s more, we’re completely flexible in terms of order quantities. Don’t need full pallets? Mixed pallets in any configuration are no problem at all.

All customs formalities taken care of

What could be easier than a supplier who takes all the customs formalities off your hands? That’s EFP! We routinely export to the farthest corners of the globe. So we’re completely at home with all the procedures and protocols. So you can rest assured that all aspects of your order are taken care of from the moment they are loaded into the truck or aircraft.

Shipping is arranged for you

Fresh products are only fresh if they arrive promptly at their destination. Efficient shipping is therefore a key part of the process. Our network of regular shipping partners helps us keep the fresh product supply chain short - anywhere in the world. All our products are fully protected and temperature controlled, whether they are shipped by air, road or water.