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Added value

At EFP we like to go the extra mile for you. Such as guaranteeing the provenance of our products, not insisting on minimum order quantities, and offering 24/7 ordering. All this added value is typically EFP.

Order as much or as little as you want

At EFP you order precisely the quantity you want. And not the quantity that happens to suit our logistics. A couple of boxes of a product? Not a problem. You can mix any number of products on one or more pallets. So you can respond effectively to your own stock turnover at any time.

Tracking and tracing

Food safety is an issue now more than ever before. So provenance traceability is something we at EFP insist on as a matter of course. All products arriving at EFP are immediately given a barcode with all the information that could be relevant later on. Including a full order history, for example.

Order 24/7

EFP operates worldwide, right across the various time zones. That is why you can contact us at any time of the day and night. After all, with fresh products like fruit and vegetables there’s no time to lose.